NoClone Home - Duplicate File Finder 2011-5.1.31g: Duplicate File Finder - Remind and delete duplicate download files

NoClone Home - Duplicate File Finder 2011-5.1.31g

Reminder (New in v2011) * Reasonable Toolbar with web search (New in v2011) * Instant Search Result (New in v2011) * True 64-bit Windows applications * Compare folders * True Byte-to-byte comparison , not by CRC/MD5. 100% accurate! * Search duplicate files contents and similar files regardless of file name * Search duplicate pictures (jpg, gif), video (avi, mpg), songs(mp3) , DLLs, Office documents(xls, doc, ppt, pub), pdf and any file types * Search

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Secure Reminder 9.3: Reminder software - desktop reminder program. Daily reminders, date reminders

Secure Reminder 9.3

Reminder software for Windows. Desktop reminder program with an advanced reminder, task and event scheduler, personal information organizer. Sends reminders and schedulers over a local network and the Internet. With Secure Reminder you can create birthday reminders, appointment reminders, daily reminders, date reminders. Different reminder notifications. Ability to create one-time reminders, recurring and constant desktop reminders.

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AniReminder 2.27: An attractive and handy event-reminder with friendly interface.

AniReminder 2.27

reminders` list in a few clicks. * Choose any from 10+ notification types. Fully control the appearance of each of your reminders! * You can save your reminders to .xml file. Quickly add reminders from file on a new place! Reminders Archive. Now you have an ability to send the reminder that You designed to a friend. * AniReminder can handle 3 active reminders at one time! * AniReminder is a lightweight tool that uses very little memory. It works

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Sofonesia Reminder 1.2: Set a reminder with music right on your desktop.A reminder with many features.

Sofonesia Reminder 1.2

reminders.The snooze interval can be customized from settings.It supports three types of reminders a)Day b)Daily c)Regular.If the reminder type is Day ,the reminder will popup on certain days of a week.If the reminder type is Daily then the reminder will popup daily at the specified time.Regular reminder will display reminder on a fixed date at the specified time.In the main window ,all reminders appear in the list.The options for deleting and editing

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NeoN Reminder 1.3

NeoN Reminder is an attractive, powerful and easy to use reminder and calendar. You can receive pop-up reminders and sound reminders at certain times. NeoN Reminder will help you organize better. Drag and drop interface for rescheduling of your events. Yearly, monthly, weekly, daily or one time reminders with configurable intervals. Configurable user interface.

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Reminders 2000 4.1: Create reminder messages for important events.

Reminders 2000 4.1

Reminders is a small utility that provides a simple means of creating on-screen reminders for important events. Event reminders are triggered when the specified time and date occurs. Reminders can be created to trigger messages on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. Reminders can also be used to launch programs at a scheduled time. Sound files (WAVs) can be assigned to reminder messages and scheduled program launches.

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Just`a Reminder 1.5.6: Just`a Reminder is a FREE appointment reminder utility.

Just`a Reminder 1.5.6

Reminder is a FREE appointment reminder utility that is designed to be unusual and attractive as well as extremely easy to use. Features: Reminders shown immediately after PC startup, Floats over other applications, Freeform reminder display text, Pop-up timer with alarm shows reminders when needed most, Full online help, Reminder editing history is retained. Just`a Reminder runs on Windows 9x/ME/NT4/XP/2000. The program expires once per year, but

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CloneMaster 5.03: CloneMaster will find TRUE duplicate files (byte for byte). remove dup.

CloneMaster 5.03

CloneMaster will clean your hard drive of duplicate files that are just wasting space. CloneMaster searches for TRUE duplicate files (byte for byte). It does not find duplicates by filename, date, size or CRC. It does so by comparing the file data itself ensuring 100% accuracy. CloneMaster uses a special algorithm that makes the scan extremely fast. It is as fast as your drives can deliver. CloneMaster let you find duplicates in multiple paths, backups

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eReminder Sp1 - Easy Planner Secretary 5.2: Full-featured calendar and reminder for multi-resources

eReminder Sp1 - Easy Planner Secretary 5.2

Reminder Special Edition automatically backs itself up to the media of your choice; per your pre-set scheduling. Not only can you send yourself reminder emails - you can send automated reminder emails to other parties. You can even set them to go out on a recurring basis. Weekly, monthly - whenever. You can also easily integrate Microsoft Outlook into eReminder Special Edition and share data between the two. eReminder Pro has always been the most

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Two-Click Reminder 1.5: Two-Click Reminder lets you create quick reminders for small, upcoming tasks.

Two-Click Reminder 1.5

reminder. In fact, you often need to create an appointment just to create a reminder, even for a trivial task. Your calendar can clutter up with such trivial appointments. Two-Click Reminder, on the other hand, streamlines reminder-creation into two or three easy steps. (This means you`ll actually use it for trivial reminders.) Two-Click Reminder is a offered both as a free as well as a paid version. The free version`s settings should meet many users

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